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Making your plastic parts better:  You get that from Viko’s Molding With More.

Customers come to Viko for our best global costs.  But they count on us for these three main advantages.

Process Specialists: Our factory started with Dual Injection first. We know the art and science of multi component molding. And we run all kinds of resins from stiff Acetel and Glass-Filled Nylon to styrene and olefins. Our dual injection processes can help the look, the cost and the reliability of your designs. That makes your profits greater.

True Global Support: Our seasoned team works throughout the US so you can draw on their experience with top-tier manufacturers. Our Hong Kong administrative team handles reporting and logistics. Our China team handles CAD, manufacturing plans, production and testing. Combined, you get the kind of people who understand molding, launch phase and sustained project management. That makes your job easier.

Quality: We know how to make your molding look great. Sure we are ISO certified, we have proven capability and customer awards. But more than that, exceptional molding comes from combining deep experience with the culture of a cosmetic molder. You can see it in the color breaks, the bright chrome plating and the details of in-mold-labeling and remarkable surface finish. That makes your products better

And There Is More: Molding With More. More dual injection. More product decoration. More packaging and final pack. More ways to complete the work that starts with molding and ends with more sales of your products.